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What other guest characters should join Tekken 7?

The announcing of Negan left the guest character door wide-open.

What other guest characters should join Tekken 7?

Earlier this month Tekken 7 Season Pass 2 was announced, and not only will we see Tekken veterans Anna and Lei return, The Walking Dead’s badass Negan will also be joining the ever growing eccentric roster. Tekken x The Walking Dead… who would’ve thought it?

Along with Anna, Lei, and Negan, Season Pass 2 will also have three more characters joining Tekken 7. Anna and Lei were kind of expected, especially due to the demand online, but Negan? Now that was a total surprise, which definitely leaves the door wide open for future guest appearances!

Let’s start with some legacy Tekken characters who could possibly make a comeback.



Let’s get this out of the way before we start. Jun is missing not dead. Realistically speaking, I don’t think we need to have two slots for Jun and Unknown, although I wouldn’t complain as I enjoyed using them both in Tag 2. She’d be a cool addition, especially if they could implement her into the story somehow. Spoiler alert (it’s been over 12 months you should know by now.. ) Maybe Heihachi’s death and everything that’s about to go down between Kazuya and Jin is a good enough justification for her return; as either Jun or Unknown!



I’m going to be honest here, I wasn’t the biggest fan of Yoshimitsu’s story arc in Tekken 7. I’ll admit it was quite funny, and we needed something light after the heaviness of the main story, but overall I just wasn’t feeling it. Now, Kuni and Yoshi go way back, and I think her return could reignite their rivalry and could make for some interesting storylines. Who knows, maybe her return could see Julia or even Michelle return for revenge purposes. I mean Kunimitsu did try to steal Native American treasures back in Tekken 2, and we all know Tekken is all about holding on to those grudges…


Now for the non-Tekken characters who could join the roster.


Nathan Drake (Uncharted)

The charismatic protagonist from the Uncharted series would be a great addition to Tekken. He’s got the attitude, and if he can take on cursed zombified monsters and supernatural guardians, i’m sure Devil Kazuya won’t be too much trouble right?! And can you imagine a fight between Nate and Negan? It’d probably end up as a battle for the best one-liner.


Oliver Queen/The Green Arrow

Since guest characters have been a thing in Tekken, I’ve always thought a superhero type character would be a fun addition. I mean if we can have Gon, a superhero isn’t that far fetched! Stephen Amell’s take on The Green Arrow is awesome, so I think he’d be perfect fit. As he’s already appeared in Injustice as an alternate version of the Green Arrow, it would technically be Tekken x Injustice x Arrow? Either way, he’d be great to use in-game. If he can take on Ra’s al Ghul, he can take on anyone, Tekken veterans included! I can just picture his intro now: “You have failed this city!”


Xena The Warrior Princess

Okay, this one is definitely a throwback, but Xena and Tekken are a match made in 90’s heaven! I hadn’t even given this any thought until a couple of days ago. I was flicking through the TV channels (as you do on lazy days) and seen old Xena episodes were being shown. I was drawn into watching them (because why not?!), and thought she’d make an amazing guest character. She’s a martial arts master and can literally take on anyone, plus she looks badass, so she would definitely fit the part! Anna vs Xena… what a match that would be!

There are so many to choose from, so it’s been quite hard to narrow it down! What do you think? Who would you like to see fill the three remaining character slots? Let us know in the comments!

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