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Michael Murray talks Tekken 7 balance changes, Negan, Season 2 and Lei at Tokyo Tekken Masters

Game designer Michael Murray answers questions about Tekken 7 Season 2.

Tekken game designer Michael Murray joined Mark ‘Markman’ Julio on commentary at Tokyo Tekken Masters for a little Q&A session. They two touched on Tekken 7 Season 2, Negan from AMC’s The Walking Dead, Noctis, Lei, future balance changes and more.

Concerning Negan, contrary to popular belief, AMC did not approach Bandai Namco about having him in the game. The notion of some was that the series was not doing quite well, so AMC wanted to expand their horizons and capitalize. Not so. Michael Murray revealed that Negan was something he actually wanted and pushed for, saying to Katsuhiro Harada ‘Let’s do Negan!” Murray stated that he did make a pitch to the AMC camp at one point, but things truly came to fruition when he shared his vision with a new Bandai Namco US hire. Murray told him he would like to have Negan in the game and his response was “Okay, I can do that!” He also said that they wanted to add more than just legacy characters for Season 2, as some players may not be as excited for them as other fans.

With Season 2, they didn’t go too much in depth, but Murray did share a few things concerning Lei’s new look. He mentioned that Harada lead the charge on this mainly. They wanted to give Lei a more mature look because people ‘want realism,’ and after 20 years he shouldn’t still look young, but different. So they decided to give him some age and also tried to make him look more like a “cop in his private time.”

When it came to the subject of Tekken 7’s future patch that brings balance changes, Murray said¬†“I hope we’ll see more characters that we didn’t previously see during the world tour.”

Popular characters often seen in tournament these days are Dragunov, Jack-7, Bryan, Jin, Shaheen, King and others, so hopefully we’ll see more Claudio, Katarina, Lee, Noctis and others. Could we see a huge shift in character tier lists and viability?

Also during the stream the two talked about Noctis not being used as much as the other DLC characters Akuma and Geese Howard. Murray asked Markman “why do you think that is,” to which he said that Noctis doesn’t have a lot of variety. Unlike Akuma and Geese, who both have meter that allows for being very creative with their moveset and options, Noctis is very straight forward with his options, not allowing much unique gameplay. Markman also said that Noctis was very linear, being able to be easily sidestepped and taken advantage of. Murray responded saying that part of this character was intentional.

Harada was not present with them, but is supposed to be available tomorrow, to which Markman would like to ask him questions as well.

If you’d like to hear all of this and more for yourself, just check out the video above. It should start at 6 hours 10 minutes 9 seconds.

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