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Evo 2018: Lil Majin will forever be America’s Tekken 7 hero

USA’s Lil Majin faced some of the most fierce Asian players to rise to the top.

Photo by Helloitsli Photography

Evo 2018: Lil Majin will forever be America’s Tekken 7 hero

While Fursan’s Sun-woong ‘LowHigh’ Yoon’s Evo 2018 Tekken 7 win was great and not to at all be diminished, it is without question that the biggest story of the whole weekend involved USA’s Terrelle ‘Lil Majin’ Jackson (InTheSkies).

With a third place finish last night, Lil Majin is the highest placing American at Evo during the Tekken 7 era. This placement is further amplified when you consider that there were 1,547 competitors, making this the largest Tekken tournament in Evo history.

A King loyalist, Lil Majin’s road to top 3 had him up against some of the toughest competitors that the tournament had to offer. He faced and defeated South Korea’s JeonDDing (UYU),  Japan’s Noroma (Cooasgames), and even South Korea’s JDCR (Echo Fox) to get there. These were players that anyone could easily see winning the whole thing – most especially JDCR.

The crowd was along for the ride with Lil Majin. They could tell that he had the potential to win Evo for America. And because he is such a humble individual, it’s very easy to want to root for him. And while this calm demeanor is a part of his character, it’s a whole other story when you sit down to face him in a game he has been playing passionately for over 20 years. After the win you just may see a huge smile, an eyebrow raised, and a stare into the camera.

Lil Majin is America’s champ for sure.

Check out these three amazing matches below.

Semifinals: Lil Majin (USA) vs Pekos (Japan)

Semifinals: Lil Majin (USA) vs JeonDDing (S.Korea)


Semifinals: Lil Majin (USA) vs Noroma (Japan)


Top 8: Lil Majin (USA) vs JDCR (S.Korea)

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