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Watch VSFighting 2018 TWT Master July 20-22 feat. JDCR, JeonDDing, Saint, kkokkoma, Qudans, JoeyFury, Tissuemon, Super Akouma and more

A stacked Tekken World Tour master event in Birmingham!

After 4 long weeks Tekken World Tour returns to Europe with a blast! UK’s VSFighting, the second European Master event and the 5th tournament in the EMEA region takes place this weekend. With 300 points on the line for the 1st place everyone is focused on securing their spot at Tekken World Tour Finals taking place in Amsterdam in December. Moreover, Evolution 2018 is just around the corner so everyone is getting ready for the biggest Tekken 7 tournament of the year outside of the TWT series. Are you ready?

Notable Players

Nearly 600 players are planning to travel to Birmingham’s Millennium Point, with almost half of them registered for the Tekken 7 tournament. With so many people in, some killers are bound to be eliminated in pools. Let’s take a look at some of the possible early deathmatches. Note: players are split into 8 pools, each with over 32 players. Four players from each pool will advance to the Top 32 phase, split evenly between Winners’ and Losers’ Brackets.

Pool 1: Since this is a UK event, it is no surprise that lots of local players will arrive. Two of the top local participants, ELF Gosain and DS|ELF Shirdel will have an easy path to Top 32. Their pool is crumbled with strong players, including one of the best Kuma representatives, Emrys’ NeedsMoarCoffee, as well as Austria’s Zaza and France’s TinkiBoobiz. Oh, and you might be familiar with another player who goes by the name of SAINT and represents team Echo Fox.

Pool 2: One of the hardest working and pumping Tekken players of 2018 will try to prove that you should not underestimate low-tier characters. Watch out for UYU JeonDDing’s Eddy and Lucky Chloe. Many local players will try to stop him from getting to Top 32, including ELF [PunLife], District G C-Krizzle or CKT Tekkenenthusiast. Pool 2 will also have a French representative, namely: DougFromParis, one of the Europe’s strongest Steve players.

Pool 3: This pool can be easily summarized using one word: Mishimas. If you love wavedashes and electricts, this is THE pool you want to follow. Why? Please look at these names: UYU Qudans, Prodigal Son, 4G Devilkazuya, Fireblade. Tired of wavedashes? Be sure to check how NIF Trollimitzu, Haroun, DS|ELF Ronicer and last year’s European Finals’ winner, Blackbeard handle high voltage.

Pool 4: Variety of characters is the theme of Pool 4. Echo Fox JDCR (Dragunov), GEN1US (Paul), ENVY Real Menace (Devil Jin), ASAP Marko (Steve), Tokis (Josie), Exeed Ghirlanda (Katarina), Dark Origin Sephiblack (Miguel), District G Bonus Jin (Nina). Wonder how would it go if Mokujin was in…

Pool 5: Do you know who is the highest-placed unsponsored Tekken World Tour? kkokkoma, whom you can follow in this pool, 6th at TWT leaderboard. His path to Top 32 will not be as easy as some may think because at some point he might be facing a UK player who joined the “Asian killers” group several weeks ago, having beaten Knee at DamagermanY. Yes, you are right: District G Kaneandtrench is one of the hottest names in this pool. Also, make sure not to sleep on Kalak.

Pool 6: Circa Joey Fury travelled to Europe for the first time back in June when he joined the Polish TWT Master event, finishing in Top 8. This time he has come to Europe for not one but two tournaments, as he will be travelling for Headstomper right after VSF. Still, Europe wants European points so District G Roo Kang does not plan to make Joey’s life easier, and neither is TekkenGamer’s very own Shen. But hey, this is only the upper part of Pool 6! The lower part of the bracket might be even more interesting, not only because of Kayane from France joining the tournament, but also due to a fact that at some point we might observe The Battle of Asukas: EQNX Dimeback may face UYU Fergus.

Pool 7: Japan’s pekos has a couple of characters up his sleeve but if he picks Geese, we may see a 2D-style match between him and CRaZY Super Akouma either somewhere in Losers’ Bracket or, what is quite possible, right at the beginning of Top 32. There are also some other strong European players who do not want to be forced to catch a lifebuoy, including Italy’s Enheas, Poland’s Tenshimitsu, UK’s KingJae or the almighty organizer of VSFighting, Electronic Dojo’s Justin Xavier.

Pool 8: CGG Tissuemon, one of the strongest European players in the last several years, grind TWT 2018’s points a lot. Even though he is 10th, with 325 points on his account, he does not want to stop but rather make a statement that he deserves a Top 19 leaderboard spot. Nevertheless, there are some other players who may want those points even more – District G Asim, 4G Rikimaru and Aisu_Bimu, to name the few.

Full brackets are available at

Stream Schedule

Since VSFighting is a TWT Master event, it will be streamed on the official Tekken channel: If you cannot make it to Birmingham, the stream schedule is as follows:

Saturday, July 21 – Pools
10AM-6PM (BST, local time)
2AM-10AM (US Pacific)
5AM-1PM (US Eastern)
6AM-2PM (Brasilia)
6PM-2AM (Japan/Korea)
9PM-5AM (New Zealand)

Saturday, July 21 – Top 32 to Top 8
6PM-9PM (BST, local time)
10AM-1PM (US Pacific)
1PM-4PM (US Eastern)
2PM-5PM (Brasilia)
Sunday, 2AM-5AM (Japan/Korea)
Sunday, 3AM-6AM (AEST)
Sunday, 5AM-8AM (New Zealand)

Sunday, July 22 – Top 8
2PM-5PM (BST, local time)
6AM-9AM (US Pacific)
9AM-12PM (US Eastern)
10AM-1PM (Brasilia)
10PM-1AM (Japan/Korea)
Monday, 1AM-4AM (New Zealand)

Former writer for SDTEKKEN, TekkenZaibatsu and 8WAYRUN. Used to play Tekken and Soulcalibur competitively, currently focuses on helping tournament organizers and the community in general. Loves pandas, red sneakers and ice cream.


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