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Asim talks Tekken fundamentals and why gimmicks fall short

District G’s Asim speaks on TWT, European mindsets, Katarina and more.

Asim talks Tekken fundamentals and why gimmicks fall short

Asim Ali is considered to be one of the best Tekken players out of the United Kingdom. Not long ago he joined premiere UK esports team District G, joining forces with Kaneandtrench, Bonus Jin, The Phantom, and most recently Roo Kang, and now has his sights set on the Tekken World Tour. TekkenGamer’s Ez catches up with him to find out the latest and greatest in his Tekken world.

First of all congratulations to your recruitment to District G. How do you feel?

Thank you, I’m grateful to be picked up by District G. I appreciate the support and being able to compete in this years’ Tekken World Tour.

District G is an awesome choice. They seem to be stacking up a lot of big names. Tekken World Tour 2018 is now happening. Do you feel more confident now that you have more experience with the game?

I feel more confident this year having played more Tekken and going through a trial and error period for the first year of the game. Going back to Pakistan for the first time in years also helped me regain a solid level of play that I was lacking previously. The players there are incredibly strong and helped me a lot.

Great to hear you are getting more experience from your home country and taking that knowledge and foundation back into the UK. So what changes are you going to make compared to last year?

I’m going to play more solid. That’s it. If I focus on the fundamentals of the game and the rest will follow.

I totally agree that fundamentals and knowledge are the key things to winning in any fighting games. Gimmicks can only get you so far. We’ve seen footage of you almost beating JDCR with Katarina even though some consider her as a bad/unsafe character. You’ve been using Dragonuv as well. Why did you decide to use those characters?

Again, at that time I was trying to find my footing with the game. I was not able to play a lot but Katarina was a character that stood out to me, and of course, Dragunov being such a strong character, was an easy choice. At the time I played JDCR, I was still relatively new to the character, but I think she deserves more credit than people are giving her.

As a Katarina user, I am glad to hear you say that. So what are your thoughts on the European Tekken scene? Do you feel they levelled up and able to give the Americans a challenge?

The European Tekken scene is strong and has a lot of talent that people have not seen yet but, from what I have seen, the mentality is not right. If a top player from Korea comes here many people say “he is going to win”, “we can’t do this”. Only people I have seen that look forward to the challenge and believe in themselves is Starscream and Kaneandtrench. Self-belief is important. Otherwise, I believe Europeans can win over anyone.

Yes, you are right. You have pretty much already lost the game if they are already starting to doubt themselves against said opponent. The objective is to win. People shouldn’t focus too much on the opponents accolades and just focus on the game that is happening right in front of them. With that said, what is you secret and your typical day to day? Can you tell us more about your practicing routine?

My practice comes from playing online late at night and going to SpaghettiRip’s house. We live quite close to each other. I’m not in a position to be able to grind the game currently.

You ‘re doing rather well considering you are not grinding. Do you have any interests or hobbies outside of gaming? And do these hobbies help you with Tekken in any way?

Spending time with family and watching movies. It helps me relax.

What are your goals for 2018 and what do you hope to achieve?

My goal is to get into the top 20 for this years’ Tekken World Tour. I believe I have the skill to do it. I just need to perform to my potential.

I am sure that is definitely achievable after your fantastic performance at the TWT Colloseum tournament. What advice do you have for people who want to level up or want to be sponsored?

My advice is focus on fundamentals –  movement, punishment and reactions. Play solid. Don’t try gimmicks all the time because these will not work forever.

Finally the controversial question. Which 3 players in the UK give you the most trouble?

(Laughs) Probably SpaghettiRip, Kaneandtrench and Rookang.

Asim, thank you very much. I wish you all the best in your gaming journey with District G and wish you success at the Tekken World Tour. Break a leg, my good man!

Regarded as the "benchmark" of the Manchester UK Tekken scene. Former product owner and TO of Manchester Battle Arena and is now focussing on levelling up at a national level in Tekken as Shen Gaming. An interest from watching classic martial arts and asian action films, it is no secret that this passion has transcended to high level Tekken. A User Experience and Digital designer, Esmond has strong creative attributes and wealth of experience when it comes to creating content and engaging with users.


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