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Tekken Fan Art Monthly Roundup: June 2018

It’s a great time to be a Tekkener!

It’s a great time to be a Tekkener! Evo 2k18 registration numbers are up, matches have been awesome, and the fan art scene is vibrant as ever! Last month we saw a cool variety of art, from 3D renders to birthday artwork for Harada, and of course, Tekken girls in swimsuits. Excellent!

Check out the June fan art we’ve curated just for you!

Konnestra | Twitter


Pondersleuth | Twitter


Rage | Twitter


P Diddle | Twitter


えぬせ | Twitter


Kristoforus Marvino | ArtStation


센 | Pixiv


Menaslg | Tumblr


Jaymere | Pixiv


Hivern Winter | ArtStation


Hiroshi Mizumoto | ArtStation


error | Twitter


Kam,ja | Pixiv


Houjoh | Tumblr


犬男 | Pixiv


Сяою | DA


September | Twitter


That’s wraps it up for last month! Tune in same time this month for a July recap!

Note: If any of the featured artists wish to have their artwork removed from the gallery, please contact us.

By day, she's Qanba USA's Community Manager. Also by day, she's a Tekken superfan. No one really knows what she is by night. One thing's for sure- Kaydie is obsessed with all things fan works and enjoys contributing her own Tekken fan artwork in her free time. She lives by one motto: What Would Lili Do?


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