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District G launches new Tekken 7 tournament ‘King of the North’ in collaboration with eDen Esports

Get ready for the next battle on July 14th.

Esports company District G, today announced their latest venture, a Tekken 7 tournament taking place in Leeds on Saturday 14th July. The event, which is in collaboration and eDen esports lounge, will be part of the organisations strategy to expand their growing community across the UK and Europe, and in particular bridge the gap between the North and  South to create a Tekken super power, developing talent to take on the global scene.

The event is also supported by District G technology partners Lioncast, who will be kitting out the house team on the day, as well as promoting their latest fighting game ware in the lead up to the event.

Tekken 7 followers will also have the chance to take part in an online tournament in July, with a host of Lioncast prizes and the chance to win a trip to the Leeds event and automatic tournament entry.

Joe Nwasokwa Team CEO, and company co-founder said ‘we are so excited for this collaboration with eDen, they have a great foothold in the esports community in the North of England and are an essential partner in our expansion. It’s so exciting to launch a tournament in a new region, and see new talent competing, that we just didn’t know was there!’

‘We are also really grateful for the support of our technology partner Lioncast, it’s a great brand and we are especially keen to work with partners who also help develop, fighting games as an esports.’

District G, who recently signed European Tekken stars Asim and Roo Kang, are continuing their pursuit for esport development in titles such as Tekken 7, as well building their brand and community globally.

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Source: Press release submitted by District G

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