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Tekken Fan Art Monthly Roundup: May 2018

Everyone’s got a favorite!

Everyone’s got a favorite character. Whether it’s because of their suffocating dominance in a match, an interesting fighting style, or unique personality, all of us Tekken fans have a favorite for a reason!

Have you noticed certain artists’ favorite characters? I always love to see Konnestra’s enigmatic portrayal of Sergei Dragunov and RyO’s elegant characterization of Lili in her paintings.

There are many more in the gallery below— Check them out!

Simz | Twitter


RyO | DA


Matthew McEntire | DA


Pondersleuth | Twitter


Ili104 | Twitter


Double_arbre | Twitter


ファウジー | Pixiv


数多また | Twitter


すずき鮭 | Twitter


Ugly Tarantula | Twitter


Houjoh | Tumblr


Konnestra | Twitter


IThinkAboutThisOften| Tumblr


Suzuki | Pixiv


Tekken’s one year US Console debut anniversary is coming up in just a few weeks! Think we’ll see a lot of fan art of Mishimas or the new challengers in celebration? Tell us in the comments!

Note: If any of the featured artists wish to have their artwork removed from the gallery, please contact us.

By day, she's Qanba USA's Community Manager. Also by day, she's a Tekken superfan. No one really knows what she is by night. One thing's for sure- Kaydie is obsessed with all things fan works and enjoys contributing her own Tekken fan artwork in her free time. She lives by one motto: What Would Lili Do?


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