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District G completes ‘strongest team in Europe’ with Tekken pro Roo Kang

District G keeps adding great Tekken pieces…

District G today announced the signing of super talent Roo Kang into their Tekken team ahead of the 2018 World Tour.

The seasoned winner has who has already had a 2018 littered with podium spots, is also very popular with the community with a big social media following to his credit.

Some of his current success came in the shape of Wins at Manchester MBA, ELF Royal Rumble, and the Belong Game Arena Clash and qualified for the District G pro league. He’s also seen international success at tournaments in Dubai and France.

Joesph Nwosokwa, Team CEO, and DG Co-Founder said:

‘We have been talks with Roo Kang about joining the team, and I am delighted to reveal that he is now an official member of the family’

‘Having known Mario from many years, I know what an absolute pleasure he will be to work with – and I am truly excited about his Tekken 7 performance throughout 2018’

Roo Kang had this to say:

‘This is a great opportunity for me to showcase my skills and I feel confident Team District G can help in achieving my goals as a professional gamer. The team has amazing players and I’ve known the CEO Mr Joe for a long time which is why I believe it is now the right time to join the family’

You will catch Roo Kang and the rest of team DG including The Phantom, the current UK champion Kaneandtrench and Asim throughout the Tekken World Tour.

Source: Press release submitted by District G

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