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Battle Arena Melbourne 10 final results, full video archives, and TWT standings

A fierce battle for points in the Down Under!

One phrase describes this weekend… “Some good a** Tekken!” And it was courtesy of Tekken World Tour master event Battle Arena Melbourne 10 (BAM 10) taking place in the “Down Under.” That is, Australia. With a $5,000 prize pool, there were 211 participants competing at this event, all wanting a piece of the prize and those coveted leaderboard points. Many strong international players were in attendance as well, such as Knee, JDCR, SAINT, kkokkoma, LowHigh, JeonDDing, Tanukana, NOROMA, TAKE, qudans, CHANEL, NOBI, Yuu, Dimeback, kagemaru, Gura and more.

There were quite a few surprise takeaways from BAM 10, such as Echo Fox’s JDCR not even making the Top 3, or LowHigh and qudans not even making the Top 8. As well, there are some classic matches that caused commentators Rip, Markman, and what seemed to be the whole Tekken community, say “that was some good a** Tekken!” For example, you definitely want to see the Dragunov mirror match between Japan’s NOBI and S.Korea’s JDCR.

If you don’t want any hardcore spoilers, don’t read below this point.

Final Results

[spoiler title=’View Results’ style=’default’ collapse_link=’true’]
1st: ROX Dragons | Knee
2nd: Echo Fox | Saint
3rd: UYU | JeonDDing
4th: YAMASA | Nobi
5th: Echo Fox | JDCR
5th: Dimeback
7th: kkokkoma
7th: Nightmare | Gura[/spoiler]

Full results can be viewed here.

With this event in the books, the Tekken World Tour standings have changed significantly.

9.Super Akouma175Europe
Full updated standings can be viewed here.

Archived Video

If you missed Battle Arena Melbourne 10, you can check out the archived footage directly on this page.

Pools – Battle Arena Melbourne 10

Top 32 Part 1 – Battle Arena Melbourne 10

Top 32 Part 2 – Battle Arena Melbourne 10

Top 8 – Battle Arena Melbourne 10

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