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Tekken France presents Ultimate Ranking: Road to EVO 2018 on May 5th in Paris

A Tekken 7 tournament that will send its champion to EVO 2018 in Vegas!

Tekken France presents Ultimate Ranking, a special Tekken 7 tournament that gives the champion an all-expenses paid trip to EVO 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada (USA). Ultimate Ranking will take place takes place during the Kayane Session convention at the Orange Opera Concept Store in Paris, France at 10AM on Saturday, May 5, 2018.

Some of the players confirmed to us as being part of the event are Super Akouma, Caiper and Fergus.

Before the Ultimate Ranking event there will be a last chance qualifier that will allow the top two winners to participate in Ultimate Ranking. The last chance qualifier is capped at 64 participants and has already reached capacity. More information can be learned at

Tournament Rules

Last Chance Qualifier

  • 64 player cap
  • Two phases:
    • First phase : 8 pools of 8 players each. Double elimination bracket in FT2 (BO3).
    • Second phase : 2 brackets (winner and loser) of 8 players each in FT2 (BO3).
  • Tekken World Tour-based format

Ultimate Rankings

  • The six (6) best players from the Rankings: 2 from Tekken France Rankings, 2 from Marseille Ranking and 2 from the online “Max Damage” ranking
  • The top 2 players from the Last Chance tournament
  • Double elimination bracket
  • The entire tournament is streamed live
  • To be of age and live in Europe

General rules for Last Chance and Ultimate Ranking

  • Rounds: First to Three
  • Timer: 60 seconds
  • Stage Select: Random
  • Counter picks allowed to the loser
  • All DLC characters are allowed
  • Stage choice is random
  • Player position (left or right) is decided randomly
For more information about Ultimate Ranking, visit

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