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Tekken Fan Art Monthly Roundup: March 2018

Last month’s best in fan art and… a little something extra?!

In addition to our usual gallery of fine Tekken fan artwork, this month we’re featuring another type of art that tickles every fan’s fancy… Cosplay!

Cosplayers have the magical ability to cross the border between fiction and reality, and give us a chance to not just imagine, but witness these iconic characters in our own world!

Peep the gallery below for some fan art created this month and the newest Tekken cosplays from this year!


Alecson Guido | Twitter | IG


Chiringo | Instagram | DA


Ili104 | Twitter | DA


Svoidist | Twitter | DA


P_Diddle | Twitter | Twitch


Nik Dawson | Tumblr | DA


Houjou | Twitter | Tumblr


Supahblonde50 |  DA


らいおん。| Twitter | Pixiv


Konnestra| Twitter | Tumblr


Russ | Twitter | IG


JINROH8 | Twitter | Pixiv


DakuToru | Cosplay Page


kasiura k yujin | Cosplay Page | Twitter


Keiko Furi | Cosplay Page


KarenG | Cosplay Page | Twitter


Moonychka | Cosplay Page | Tumblr


Dragunova-Cosplay | Cosplay Page | IG


Mewriel | Cosplay Page


PakuPaku-Ru | Cosplay Page


Which character do you want to see your favorite cosplayer bring to life? Are you working on any cosplay yourself? Tell us in the comments!

Note: If any of the featured artists wish to have their artwork removed from the gallery, please contact us.

By day, she's Qanba USA's Community Manager. Also by day, she's a Tekken superfan. No one really knows what she is by night. One thing's for sure- Kaydie is obsessed with all things fan works and enjoys contributing her own Tekken fan artwork in her free time. She lives by one motto: What Would Lili Do?


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