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Watch BEast Arena Hong Kong on April 7-8 feat. SAINT, JDCR, Lee3, Qudans, Noroma, Take, Yuu, Nobi, kkokkoma, JeonDDing, Tanukana, Doujin, AK, Loveneet

Tekken World Tour challenger event in Hong Kong, China.

Asian Tekken World Tour challenger event BEast Arena Hong Kong takes place April 7-8 in Hong Kong, China, held at Versus Stadium, Cheung Sha Wan. There is a prize pool of $1,000 for Tekken 7.

Notable Players

There are 52 competitors in this event, with notable players, and interesting players to watch, being the following: SAINT, JDCR, Lee3, kkokkoma, Qudans, JeonDDing, LowHigh, Noroma, Take, yuu, Nobi, BKC, Tanukana, Doujin, AK and Loveneet. You can view all bracket information on

Stream Schedule

BEast Arena Hong Kong can be watched live on according the schedule and channels below.

Saturday, April 7 – Pools

  • 12PM – 6PM HKT
  • 12AM – 6AM EDT
  • 9PM – 3AM PDT
  • 4AM – 10AM UK

Sunday, April 8 – Top 16

  • 3PM – 6PM HKT
  • 3AM – 6AM EDT
  • 12AM – 3AM PDT
  • 7AM – 10AM UK

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