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Tekken 7 a part of Red Bull Conquest, a regional, multi-title fighting game competition that kicks off April 28th

Red Bull Conquest will travel across the country, putting on tournaments in TEKKEN 7 and more!

The longest-standing question in fighting games will always be: who is the best? The second is — depending on who you ask — even more important: where is the best?

Soon, players from across America will gather to find the answer.

Red Bull Conquest is a regional, multi-title fighting game competition that will crown the best FGC region in the country. Kicking off on April 28 in Chicago, Red Bull Conquest will travel across the country, putting on tournaments in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, TEKKEN 7 and Guilty Gear Xrd REV2. These Red Bull Conquest qualifiers, known as Rally events, will crown a champion per title at each regional stop. These local champions will all reconvene in Washington, DC on Nov. 16-18 to determine once and for all which region is the strongest at the final event of the year: the Red Bull Conquest National Finals.

Not sure you’re ready to compete with the big kids? Look into the Rise events. These pre-Rally gathering will be run by local organizers to bring the community together and help players level up before their regional Rally events. Keep an eye on the official event hub for details.

Want to see if your region is involved? Curious about how these regional squads will compete at Red Bull Conquest? Take a look at the infographic below.

Get ready to Rise, Rally and Conquer with Red Bull Conquest. We’ll have more details to share soon, so keep a weather eye out. 

For more information on Red Bull Conquest, visit and follow Red Bull Esports on Twitter and Facebook for updates.

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