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Here are the 20 players competing in ELEAGUE | TEKKEN Team Takedown on March 3

The 20 players and 4 captains have been made known!

The ELEAGUE | TEKKEN Team Takedown tournament will feature 20 of Tekken 7’s top American players competing on four teams in a single-elimination bracket, with live coverage beginning Saturday, March 3, at 2 p.m. on Twitch. Team matches will consist of a series of one-on-one games, with losing players eliminated from future competition during that match. A team will win a match when it eliminates all available players from the opposing team.

Many of the 20 players are announcing on social media that they have been invited, with sources confirming for us the complete list of players and captains. Here they are below in no particular order.

  • InTheSkies | CuddleCore (captain)
  • Red Bull | Anakin (captain)
  • VirtualStorm | NYC Fab (captain)
  • VirtualStorm | Pokchop (captain)
  • NCSS | Jimmy J Tran
  • Panda Global | Speedkicks
  • Rickstah
  • UYU | KawaiiFaceMiles
  • UYU | P.Ling
  • InTheSkies | JackieTran
  • InTheSkies | Lil Majin
  • BrawlPro
  • Circa Esports | Joey Fury
  • Mateo Galvan
  • VirtualStorm | KoDee
  • VirtualStorm | SperoGin
  • Shadow 20z
  • NgObscure
  • WayGamble
  • Inkognito

ELEAGUE will take viewers on an all-access tour of TEKKEN® 7, revisiting the best moments and matches from TEKKEN Team Takedown on the ELEAGUE stage. The four-part feature series will premiere Friday, March 16, following NCAA March Madness coverage on TBS, with additional episodes airing weekly on Fridays.

Fans can be a part of the live studio audience inside ELEAGUE Arena at Turner Studios in Atlanta by reserving free tickets here. Studio audience members will be entered into a raffle with prizes including an ELEAGUE-branded gaming chair, HORI TEKKEN® 7 Fight Stick and ELEAGUE gift bag.

Tekken game director, Katsuhiro Harada, of Bandai Namco Entertainment also shared on Twitter that he will be attending the tournament as well.

Be sure to catch all of the action live on Saturday, March 3 at

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