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CBM encounters a hack user that reveals what appears to be a hidden stage in Tekken 7

Does Tekken 7 have more content to be revealed in the near future?

Competitive Tekken player CherryBerryMango (KOR) was enjoying some Tekken 7 online ranked when he encountered a player named HiddenStage. As things would turn out, the stage they played on certainly was a “hidden” one, as it is not a Tekken 7 stage that is currently available. It’s not even a modification of a current stage. Generally when people use mods on PC, only the person using them can see them, but in this instance CBM was able to see it as well. It is not known how HiddenStage accomplished this.

It looks like the stage from Tekken 7’s story mode where Nina and Alisa battle it out. The stage is very small and dark with wall-breaking abilities (multiple), which makes the concept very unique. You can also see that the lighting falls onto the characters, making the stage appear to be even more authentic.

Again, I have no clue as to how this user accomplished showing the stage on CBM’s system. That’s not how mods work. Does this reveal an even bigger issue of hackers on PC when it comes to Tekken 7?

At any rate, how do you like the stage and concept? Is it truly a hidden stage, or just some form of unexplained hack and exploit? We’ll find out soon enough.

Source: Flying Wonkey

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