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StrongStyle 6 final results and Top 8 stream archives

An exclusive Tekken 7 tournament that promises nothing but high level action.

Final Results

[spoiler title=’Click here to view final results’ style=’default’ collapse_link=’true’]

1st: Echo Fox | JDCR
2nd: NCSS | jimmy j tran
3rd: UYU | P.Ling
4th: Rickstah
5th: VS | Trungy
5th: Walker | BKC
7th: Jackller-Bancho
7th: Shadow20z


Original Story

NorCal’s premiere and exclusive Tekken tournament returns with StrongStyle 6 this upcoming weekend on February 10-11 in San Jose, CA, featuring a Tekken 7 tournament with some of the best players from America and abroad. The last StrongStyle took place in September of 2014 with Tekken Tag Tournament 2, so after four long years of radio silence and a highly successful Tekken 7 game upon us, this year’s tournament should be nothing short of high level competition and memorable moments.

StrongStyle 6 currently has 235 competitors registered with representation from New Zealand(1), Thailand (1), Japan (2), Cencal (3), Korea (5), Europe (9), and plenty more from all regions of the United States. NorCal itself represents 95 players.

Notable Players

Some of the notable players that will be competing are jimmyjtran, SpaghettiRip, Runitblack, KawaiiFaceMiles, MYK, SAINT, Joonya 20z, JeonDDing, Jackie Tran, kongojack, Shirdel, Trungy, Panchon, JieStar, Bloodhawk, kkokkoma, Joey Fury, KoDee, Mateo, EvilBowlOfCereal, Speedkicks, IceColdEdge, Shadow 20z, Fergus, PLing, WayGamble, StillElectric, ProjectRunAway, Binchang, SHOLAH, Rickstah, JDCR, Geesemaster, NYC Fab, Glaze 20z, Rip, Spooky, Tiger-Mask, Jackpotdante, Yanflip, Kane, Suiken, Offinbed, and Bronson Tran.

All pools assignments and brackets can currently be viewed on Google Docs.

Stream Schedule

One thing unique to previous StrongStyle tournaments was that they were not streamed. The understanding was that this made the tournament more intimate and special. It also forced people to attend if they wanted to be a part of history. But unlike those, this years tournament will be streamed at

Here is the stream schedule. All times PST.

Saturday, February 10th

  • 11am – 7pm: Pools
  • 7pm – 9pm: Top 48 -> Top32

Sunday, February 11th

  • 11am – 9pm: Top 32 -> Top 8 -> Grand Finals

There will also be a Tekken Ball competition, as well as a team competition. We do not know whether or not those will be streamed.

For additional information on StrongStyle 6 visit

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