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Kumite in Tennessee (KIT) 2018 final results and Top 8 stream archive

One of the first Tekken 7 showdowns of 2018!

Final Results

[spoiler title=’Click here to view final results’ style=’default’ collapse_link=’false’]

1st: ITS | Lil Majin
2nd: Shadow 20z
3rd: vS | KoDee
4th: ITS | Cuddle_Core
5th: BxA | Shinblade
5th: vS | Trungy
7th: vS | Pokchop
7th: ITS | Maknificent

For full results click here.


Tekken fans and gamers are making their way Kumite in Tennessee 2018 (KIT) in Franklin this weekend, January 5th thru 6th. This multi-game event will also be host to the first major Tekken 7 tournament of the 2018, and it looks to be one that should yield a lot of action. Here are the players involved, stream schedule and more.

The Players

There are currently 108 entrants, but this number could increase if late/door registration is available. Some of the notable players competing are Circa|Joey Fury, vS|Pokchop, vS|Spero Gin, vShadow_20z, ITS|Maknificent, Jody Tha Great, vS|KoDee, Shola, ReSe|Ace Unlimited, Joonya_20z, BxA|Shinblade, ITS|Cuddle_Core, vS|Trungy, ITS|Lil Majin, and HSL|Ltrainlocomotive.

The brackets for KIT are being hosted at

Stream Schedule

Though KIT kicks off on Friday, the Tekken 7 tournament takes place on Saturday and Sunday only. Here is the stream schedule and where to watch.

Saturday, January 6th

  • Pools: 10am-6pm CDT / 11am-7pm EDT / 8am-4pm PDT
  • Top 32-Top 8: 6pm-9pm CDT / 7pm-10pm EDT / 4pm-7pm PDT
  • Channel:

Sunday, January 7th

The full schedule can be viewed at by clicking here.

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