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Take a look at how the Tekken graphic novel cover was created from start to finish

A behind the scenes look with illustrator Alex Ronald.

As part of our week-long preview of the new TEKKEN graphic novel from Titan Comics – which hits bookstores on December 19th – we take you behind-the-scenes of the making of the cover by artist Alex Ronald.

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Alex Ronald is a British comics artist who has illustrated Rot & Ruin, Wasted and 2000AD as well as creating covers for Titan Comics’ Doctor Who comics line.

Alex on his art process:

“My process is I’ll work up some 3D models to a relatively simple level in a program called Z brush.

I like to use 3D as the basis of my cover image because I can easily and quickly experiment with lighting and camera angles to get the best shot.

Once I have the pose I’m after, I’ll render the image and export it to a 2D drawing program like Photoshop. I’ll then draw over the 3D model and work up the detail into a couple of B/W sketch roughs.


Once the rough gets approved I’ll go back to the 3D model and increase the detail to a slightly higher level. When it’s looking more defined, I’ll export a render to Photoshop again. Using that render as my base image I will paint over it, adding detail and colour until it finally becomes the image you see on the front cover.”

Come back tomorrow for more on the new TEKKEN: Blood Feud graphic novel. You can order this now from Amazon.

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