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Get to know Geese Howard’s safe and unsafe moves with this anti-Geese punishing guide

An anti-Geese Howard guide that shows you how to punish him.

Geese Howard is new to Tekken 7, so knowing how to properly play against him will require some training. One of the best things you can do is take him into practice mode and set go through his movelist, finding out exactly what options your main character has for punishing him, ducking or even sidestepping/walking.

Here’s an anti-Geese guide that can help you get started. It goes through Geese’s moves and tell you which of his are safe and which are not. It also tells you what to do in certain situations, which parts of strings to duck and more. And though it is Jin featured in the video, the same moves can potentially be accomplished by other characters if they have the same frames.

Source: The IronFist Jin

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