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Qudans wins Tekken World Tour Finals 2017 in his first American appearance in 10 years

The legend is back and defeats Echo Fox favorites JDCR and Saint.

Last night Byung-moon “Qudans” Son became the 2017 King of the Iron Fist by winning the Tekken World Tour finals. He convincingly defeated tournament favorites Hyun-jun “JDCR” Kim (2017 EVO champion) and Jinwoo “Saint” Choi (2016 EVO champion and 2016 global champion) in what made for some of the best Tekken we’ve seen in a long while.

A former Tekken 5 legend, this the first time Qudans has been in a tournament on American soil in ten years. He took a break from the game to attend the military, and even somewhat retired due to having wrist problems from playing so much. But he is back and playing at an even higher level than before.

It wasn’t an easy ride for Qudans, as he did fall to Saint 3-1 in winners finals. He would then face JDCR and beat him quite handily. He just seems to have JDCR’s number because he also beat him twice at the South East Asia Majors. JDCR was very dominant against other opponents with Dragunov, but when up against Qudan’s Devil Jin, he really had no answer. He even forced JDCR to switch to Heihachi, which also proved unsuccessful.

Coming from the losers side against Saint in grand finals, Qudans would reset the bracket 3-1, and then do it once again with the same score.

Qudans is “back from the dead,” taking home the title and $15,000 in prize money.

Top 8 Final Results

1st: Qudans – $15,000 (Devil Jin; S.Korea)
2nd: Echo Fox | Saint – $9,000 (Jack-7; S.Korea)
3rd: Echo Fox | JDCR -$6,500 (Dragunov, Heihachi; S.Korea)
4th: Tissuemon – $4,500 (Master Raven; Italy)
5th: Circa eSports | Joey Fury – $3,000 (Jack-7, Paul; USA)
5th: Noroma – $3,000 (Jack-7; Japan)
7th: PandaGlobal | Speedkicks – $1,500 (Hwoarang; USA)
7th: Jimmy J Tran – $1,500 (Bryan; USA)

Watch Tekken World Tour Finals

Did you miss the Tekken World Tour Finals, or simply want to watch it again? You can catch all of the action in the playlist below.

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