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Final Fantasy’s hero Noctis Lucis Caelum is coming to Tekken 7, but just who is he exactly?

No-one saw this coming by a longshot, so let’s break it down as best as we can.

This is really unexpected. Noctis Lucis Caelum, the hero of Final Fantasy XV, has been announced as the next guest fighter featured in the season pass of Tekken 7. Why this comes as a real surprise? Essentially because everybody thought about characters coming from other fighting game franchises when the director Harada stated that the contents of the season pass would focus only to guest appearances (or at least, to brawlers, like Kazuma from Yakuza). Instead, Noctis comes from a J-RPG, and even if his presence seems odd, the announcement trailer showed a moveset more integrated than someone could expect.

But first of all, what’s the story behind him?

Noctis is the prince of a fallen kingdom. Soon after the game begins the empire of Niflheim strikes the reign of Lucis and overthrows its king. All of a sudden Noctis is called to contrast the enemy and try to save not only his homeland, but also the whole world by a far greater menace. I will not make spoiler, but as it happens traditionally in the Final Fantasy series, the initial crisis is just a prelude of something even worst.

His group of mates is composed by Ignis, Prompto and Gladio, respectively the smart guy with the glasses, the jokester kid and the big strong one. They will be likely a part of the background in the stage, cheering for their friend, in the same gas station where their adventure begins. But now it’s better to focus about who’s coming to help Lars.

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The main power of Noctis is the ability to teleport himself and to summon the weapons of the previous kings of Lucis. That’s why he fights creating swords, axes and spears out of nowhere. His attacks feature also a magical effect like lightnings, ice and fire. Unlike other chapters of Final Fantasy, the fifteenth makes a minor use of magic and these three elements are the basic and main form of magical attacks avaible initially. Their introduction in Tekken comes like just a visual effect added to strikes and special moves. This reinforce the number of references from the origins, but also avoids to implement something that could look really exaggerated (to see Bahamut or Leviathan into the King of the Iron Fist Tournament would be definitely too much).

As bonus reference, the trailer ends with Lars and Noctis fishing together. While we were not aware that Alexandersson liked this hobbie, it’s quite typical for the young prince, because in Fantasy Fantasy XV fishing is a mini-game.

Personally, I felt quite confused about this choice. Especially because there are rumors coming about a possible new Soul Calibur, I see Noctis more fitting into that game: it’s heavily fantasy-based and more themed on fighting with weapons. The prince materializes his blades only during the attacks, and these are not involved into a stance, like it is for Yoshimitsu, but certain moves clearly seem to take advantage of the range or the anti-air properties typical of a sword. On the other hand, however, the “gameplay translation” from a J-RPG to a fighting game seems quite good and the moveset surely looks familiar for fans of Bandai Namco, if not strictly of Tekken.

Maybe Noctis will be a little appetizer for what many people are waiting eagerly for (a new Soul Calibur) and could mix-up things curiously in the roster of Tekken 7.

Photos source: 4Gamer

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