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Joey Fury joins Circa eSports with sights on Tekken World Tour global finals, making team debut at ECT

Joey Fury parts ways with InTheSkies and joins Circa eSports.

Pro Tekken player Joseph “Joey Fury” Bennett, formerly of team InTheSkies, has signed with esports organization Circa eSports. This is a great acquisition for Circa, as Joey is a very strong Jack-7 player and currently ranked 4th on the American leaderboard of the Tekken World Tour.

General Manager of Circa eSports, Hunter Specht, had this to say of their new talent:

From an organization standpoint, we love the way the Tekken scene has grown so far this season and we are very excited to be involved again. Joey has shown time and time again that he deserves an opportunity like this. I’m very happy that we were able to give him it.

“I have loved playing Tekken since I was seven years old,” Joey Fury says. “I have met countless faces over the years, grown from my experiences, and learned deep truths about myself. This long journey has led me to Circa. This opportunity means the continuation of my story. It is the fuel that will allow me to share and explore one of my strongest passions more thoroughly than I ever have before. Thank you for having me, Circa.”

Fury, from Buffalo NY, will be making his team debut this weekend at Tekken World Tour challenger event East Coast Throwdown in Morristown, NJ.

Last year he had some noteworthy success during the Tekken Tour, and has shown himself to be strong contender on the Tekken World Tour this year. He just came in 3rd place at Absolute Battle 8 this past weekend, 2nd at Summer Jam XI earlier this month, 4th at Dreamhack Atlanta back in July, and 17th at EVO 2017. Joey’s most famed accomplishment this year is eliminating Echo Fox’s Saint from the Top 8 at Final Round 20, where he also sent JDCR to the loser’s bracket.

A former member of team InTheSkies, the organization posted the following congratulatory remarks on Twitter.

Fury’s former ITS teammate, Spero Gin, also recently parted ways with InTheSkies and announced his new signing to Xcel eSports earlier today.

Joey Fury makes the third Tekken player Circa eSports has signed. Previous members were ATL natives Hoa “Anakin” Luu (StreamMe), and Stephen “Speedkicks” Stafford (Panda Global), arguably two of the best Tekken players in America. They both found success while on the team, especially Anakin, who dominated last years Tekken Tour, and even qualified for the King of the Iron Fist Tournament in Japan.

Now that Fury is aligned with Circa eSports, we are sure to see him at most, if not all, USA events along the Tekken World Tour. He has a very good chance of remaining in the top 5 and ultimately making the global finals.

For more information, keep up with Joey Fury and Circa eSports on Twitter. Also, be sure to check out our interview with him.

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