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Summer Jam XI final results feat. Anakin, Spero Gin, Pokchop, NYC Fab, KoDee, Joey Fury

Tekken World Tour challenger event in Cherry Hill, NJ.

UPDATE: Story has been updated with the final results.

Tekken World Tour challenger event Summer Jam XI takes place this weekend, August 11th-13th, in Cherry Hill, NJ. Of all the tournaments at Summer Jam XI, Tekken 7 has the most entrants with 137 entrants registered. This is even more than Street Fighter V.

Notables competing are StreamMe|Anakin, ITS|Joey Fury, Ltrainlocomotive, vS|Pokchop, Xcel|Trungy, ITS|SourPiggy, Fable|NYC Fab, FOX|JWong, vS|KoDee, ReSe|Ace Unlimited, Blood Hawk, EMP|The Game, Spero Gin (now a free agent), and NG|Obscure.

Full brackets can be viewed on

Final Results

1. StreamMe | Anakin (Paul)
2. ITS | Joey Fury (Jack-7)
3. NG-Obscure (Josie / Alisa)
4. ITS | P.Ling (Xiaoyu)
5. Shea (Steve)
5. Knock (Eddy)
7. vS | Pokchop (Josie)
7. Victim of Ritual (Nina)

Stream Schedule

The schedule and Twitch stream channels are as follows:

All times are EDT.

Friday, August 11th
Saturday, August 12th

Note: The stream will only take place from 5pm-11pm.

Sunday, August 13th

For more information visit

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