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VS Fighting 2017 final results feat. JDCR, Saint, Kaneandtrench, Caiger, The Truth, StarScream, Enheas, The Phantom

A stacked Tekken World Tour Master event in the UK!

UPDATE: Story has been updated with the final results.

Possibly the most highly anticipated Tekken 7 tournament in the UK will be taking place this upcoming weekend August 12th-13th – Tekken World Tour Master event VS Fighting in Birmingham, UK at Millennium Point.

This is a stacked tournament with 204 players on the bill. Notables are Echo Fox’s JDCR and Saint; District G’s Kaneandtrench, King Jae, The Phantom and C Krizzle; RTFM’s Roo Kang and Asim; CKT’s Fergus, Shirdel and AZYG4LYFE; A F0xy GRampa, Arsenalty, StarScream,  CGG|Tissuemon, The Truth, and many more.

All brackets and pool information can be found on

Final Results

1. Echo Fox | JDCR (Heihachi/Dragunov)
2. Echo Fox | Saint (Jack-7)
3. Arkham | Caiper (Feng)
4. District G | Kaneandtrench (Yoshimitsu)
5. StarScream (Hwoarang)
5. The Truth (Feng)
7. District G | The Phantom (Master Raven)
7. Enheas (Eddy)


Tekken 7 will stream according the following schedule:

  • Pools: Saturday | 11am – 4pm BST (6am – 11am EST)
  • Top 8: Sunday | 5:30pm – 8pm BST (12:30pm – 3pm EST)

All streams will take place at

You can view the official schedule on


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