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How to Korean Backdash Cancel in Tekken 7 using a pad or fight stick

Good movement is essential to high-level Tekken.

Pro Korean Tekken players like JDCR, Knee and others will tell you that the thing that sets their play style apart from other regions is their movement, and the Korean backdash cancel is a huge part of this.

Knowing how to backdash cancel has two benefits. One, it allows you to move quicker than just holding back. Holding back only gives you a very slow walk. Secondly, you can cause your opponent to whiff (miss with an attack) much more often, allowing you punish them.

Here are two videos that will demonstrate how to Korean backdash cancel with either a pad or arcade style fight stick.

How to Korean Backdash Cancel with a Pad

How to Korean Backdash Cancel with a Fight Stick

There is another way to Korean backdash cancel as well. The above examples are the traditional way. The other way is many times referred to as the “lazy,” “poor man’s,” or “sloppy” backdash. Both examples are demonstrated in the video below. In it is also explained how some characters that use sway movement must backdash in a different manner. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is used, but the movement and input is still the same. Check it out.

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