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Video review of Fight Night: An Unofficial Tekken Fan Anthology

A 100% fan-made collector’s item any true Tekken fan should want!

Fight Night: An Unofficial Tekken Fan Anthology is a global collaboration between 33 artists and 5 writers, featuring over 100+ beautiful pages of fan-made Tekken content. It is celebrating Bandai Namco’s beloved Tekken franchise, and the release of their popular new game – Tekken 7.

We told you about Fight Night back in April. A review copy of the book was sent to us, and we wanted to share it with you, as well as tell what we thought about it.

Bottomline – Fight Night makes a great collector’s piece, and any true Tekken fan should have it in their possession. All of the glory details are shared in the video above, so check it out.

How to Order

The physical copy of Fight Night and the goodies (postcards and sticker sheet) are no longer available, as they were only available through pre-order. But you can still order the digital version of it, which make for great prints, posters and more.

To order the digital version of Fight Night: An Unofficial Tekken Fan Anthology, visit

Profits from the digital version go toward

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