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StreamMe’s Anakin protects home turf at DreamHack Atlanta 2017 – Recap, results and video

The Tekken World Tour makes a stop at the world’s largest digital festival.

Photo by: DreamHack

DreamHack Atlanta 2017 was a master event on the Tekken World Tour, taking place at one of the most competitive Tekken scenes in North America. ATL players StreamMe|Anakin and PG|Speedkicks, vS|Pokchop, vS|Jio, Nimbus|ATLTiger_Mask, Clint the Beast, Big Boi and some others were all in attendance.

Two of the favorites to win it all, Anakin and Speedkicks, did defend their turf. At one point it looked like Speedkicks was headed down the wrong path. In a match with In the Skies’ P.Ling he chose Jack-7 as a counter pick. It made sense on paper, but P.Ling ended up sending Speed to the loser’s bracket. When they met again in loser’s finals (Anakin sent P.Ling there), Speed was persistent in his counter pick, and stuck with Jack-7. It proved to be the right decision.

In grand finals Anakin and Speed would face one another. Anakin would prevail using Paul Phoenix (whom he used throughout the Top 8), taking 1st place, $1,250 and some points on the Tekken World Tour.

Watch Tekken 7 Top 8

Final Results

1st Place: StreamMe | Anakin
2nd Place: PG | Speedkicks
3rd Place: ITS | P.Ling
4th Place: ITS | Joey Fury
5th Place: BxA | Shinblade
5th Place: ITS | Lil Majin
7th Place: Xcel | Trungy
7th Place: BxA | KoDee

Original Story

DreamHack, the world’s largest digital festival is in Atlanta, GA this weekend, and the Tekken World Tour is making its latest stop there with a Tekken 7 tournament that has $2,500 up for grabs.

With 220 entrants across eight (8) pools, notables among the competition are StreamMe|Anakin, PG|Speedkicks, Fable|NYCFab, BxA|Kodee, BxA|Shinblade, ITS|PLing, ITS|Lil Majin, ITS|Joey Fury, ITS|MakNificent, vS|Pokchop, vS|Jio, Nimbus|ATLTiger_Mask, Bloodhawk, MysticBill, ReSe|Ace Unlimited, Big Boi, Xcel|Trungy, King Shola, TS|Spooky, oNi_JiN, Psylence, and Zero the Shadow.

View full bracket details at


Saturday 4pm EDT: Singles Pools
Saturday 8pm EDT: Semifinals
Sunday 3pm EDT: Top 8 finals

Streaming will take place at

Prize Pool

Total Prize Pool: $2,500

1st – $1,250
2nd – $600
3rd – $300
4th – $150
5-6th – $50
5-6th – $50
7-8th – $25
7-8th – $25

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