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Storm Collectibles soon to release Tekken 7 figures

Tekken 7 is next in their line of popular fighting game figures.

Storm Collectibles has announced that they have will be releasing a line of Tekken 7 figures.

The company already has licenses for Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, and KOF, so they are already a popular name among the fighting game community. Storm Collectibles are known to release extremely well-made and detailed figures, so there’s no doubt this is an exciting opportunity for Tekken fans to expand their collections.

It looks like Heihachi may be one of the first figures in line to hit the market. Here’s a rendering of his model.

Here are examples of what a finished figure looks like from their Street Fighter V line up.

No additional details have been released as of yet, but we will keep you posted as soon as more information is announced. With SDCC taking place in the near future there’s a possibility we could find out more very soon – stay tuned!

Heihachi photos source: MarkMan

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