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Who exactly is Geese Howard? Discover the story of Tekken 7’s new guest character

Learn about the new protagonist coming to Tekken 7 this winter.

There were a lot of reveals during EVO 2017, but here we’re looking forward to Geese Howard coming to Tekken 7 with the Season Pass DLC pack 2 that drops Winter 2017.

His arrival was rumored for awhile because Tekken game director Katsuhiro Harada stated that he liked him when asked about future guests to be implemented in Tekken 7.

But actually, who is Geese Howard? Here’s the lore.

Geese Howard’s Story

The first appearance of Geese Howard is dated 1991 in Fatal Fury 1 (Garoudensetsu) for Neo-Geo. This hardware was the first to guarantee a 1:1 quality between arcades and home consoles while Fatal Fury was the first title that stood as a serious competitor against Street Fighter 2, though many failed trying to do so.

The series’ gameplay bloomed with the second entry, and to many Fatal Fury Special surpassed even Street Fighter 2. But since the debut it offered a great lore and charismatic characters.

The protagonists of Fatal Fury are the Bogard brothers, coming back to South Town to avenge their father, Jeff, killed years before by Geese Howard, current boss of the crime syndicate controlling the city.

Geese made an appearance even in Art of Fighting 2, another SNK fighting game set a decade before the events of Fatal Fury, where he is revealed as a young and corrupted police commissioner at the beginning of a criminal career. After being beaten at the end of Art of Fighting 2, he goes to Japan to improve his knowledge of martial arts. That is why his stage is always decorated with japanese traditional statues.

Dead or Alive

The final fight in Fatal Fury 1 was set at the top of Geese Tower, and during the ending sequence Geese fell accidentally. Was he dead? The character became immediately very popular among fans of SNK and the developers chose to bring him back in Fatal Fury Special, suggesting that, somehow, he was saved.

That scene became an iconic moment in the game’s history, and in Fatal Fury Real Bout it was replicated. During the finals Geese is about to fall again, but Terry tries to save him. However, the proud boss refuses to be helped by his arch-enemy and prefers to die.

In Geese’s Tekken 7 reveal trailer you can see the same sequence recreated in a new cut-scene, so we could expect that the fight will take place on top of the same building were Kazuya encountered Akuma during the story mode (or maybe it’s just a flash-back).

In the fourth Fatal Fury, called “Mark of the Wolves” (still one of the best 2D fighting games ever, recently republished digitally on PS4), Geese is considered dead for sure after the events of Real Bout. But he’s alive in King of Fighters because the continuity is different since it’s based on a combined reboot between SNK franchises.

Fighting Style

Geese’s moveset features a good amount of tools. He uses a fireball, the Reppu-ken, which comes as a grounded wave, as well as an aerial attack (curious that both he and Akuma posses an aerial fireball).

The Atemi-nage is a counter that stops an attack and executes a special throw. It must be performed with good timing, but works both against high and low hits and suits effectively for a defensive strategy, and for punishing a careless pressing.

His “super,” the Raging Storm, consists in a wall of fire spreading in a short distance, but on a 360 degree angle.

Overall, Geese has always been a fighter for experienced players but very adaptable for offense and defense at the same time.

Final Verdict

Geese Howard’s introduction into Tekken 7 feels good by both terms of gameplay and lore. He’s a charismatic villain (a godfather fascinated by japanese culture and martial arts), he comes from two glorious franchises that made the history of fighting games, the moveset grants various opportunities, and his music theme is rocking and engaging, but enriched by an oriental vein too (SNK  has always had good composers).

Geese will be available this winter, so you have plenty of time to practice with the other characters of the roster during the wait.

I'm a long time Tekken Player from Italy.


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