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Echo Fox’s JDCR & Saint dominate the biggest Tekken tournament in EVO history

Echo Fox’s JDCR & Saint take the top spots in Tekken 7 at EVO 2017.

Photo by: Robert Paul @tempusrob

Tekken 7 at EVO 2017 is officially over. And out of 1,286 entrants, the champion is none other than the determined favorite, Echo Fox’s Hyujin ‘JDCR’ Kim of South Korea. His prize? A free ticket into the Tekken 7 World Finals this upcoming November and a pocket full of money (we don’t know the exact payout just yet).

With some many players in this world class tournament, and with 144,000 viewers watching, no-one would have predicted an Echo Fox grand finals between JDCR and teammate Choi ‘Saint’ Jinwoo. Saint has occasionally been JDCR’s nemesis in times past, and for a moment it looked like he was going to do it again. He reset the bracket using Jack-7, taking three matches straight over JDCR’s Heihachi and Dragunov.

JDCR eventually gained composure after sensing that Saint was faltering a bit. He uncharacteristically dropped a few combos and failed to break a few grabs, which began to change the momentum of the match. JDCR began attacking with more lows – mainly with Dragunov’s lethal d+2 (down+2), which gave him more opportunities to perform 50/50 mixups. This caused Saint to start crouching to block more, at which JDCR would punish with a mid of some kind. In my opinion, d+2 was his foundation and key to victory.

But before all of that, there were several other showdowns.

The first major battle was in winner’s finals between Tekken legend Knee (KOR) and JDCR – an immediate rematch from REV Major Philippines just a week before. But instead of picking Feng this go around, Knee elected to go with Steve Fox. It looked like the right move at first, as Knee would take the first match convincingly, but JDCR took the next to tie it up. A double K.O. would decide the next match, and in JDCR’s favor, as he already had two rounds won. He would take the next and enter into grand finals.

What may be more surprising than anything from Sunday finals is the way Knee performed against Saint in loser’s finals. Knee is hailed as the best Bryan Fury player in the world, and it is almost believed that if he uses this character against you, your chances of winning are slim to none. But Saint beat Knee eight (8) rounds straight before Knee ever took one. He won two rounds actually, but only when he made a switch from Bryan to Devil Jin. But Saint took the final round and sealed the deal – defeating Knee with a 3-0 score. It left many puzzled. It looked like Knee had fizzled out or just lost his touch for a moment. He was highly defensive, and looking outmatched. Very strange. Yet, Knee did take home 3rd place, and Saint 2nd.

It was a long fought road for everyone. Like last year, two American’s were again in the top 8, those being StreamMe’s Hoa ‘Anakin’ Luu and Michael ‘Suiken’ Khieu. In total there were two (2) Americans, four (4) Koreans, and two (2) Japanese players. Another way to put it – six (6) Asians and two (2) Americans.

There was plenty of action, like the matches between JDCR and Jeondding (KOR), Anakin vs Knee and more. Check them all out below.

And not to mention, immediately following the grand finals, Tekken developers Katsuhiro Harada and Michael Murray took to the stage to announce that Geese Howard is coming to Tekken 7 this Winter in DLC pack 2 of the Season Pass.

Watch Top 8 Finals

Top 8 Final

1st place: JDCR (KOR) // Heihachi, Dragunov
2nd place: Saint (KOR) // Jack-7
3rd place: Knee (KOR) // Steve Fox, Bryan, Devil Jin
4th place: Taisei (JPN) // Steve Fox
5th place: Anakin (USA) // Jack-7
5th place: Jeondding (KOR) // Eddy, Lucky Chloe
7th place: Take (JPN) // Kazumi
7th place: Suiken (USA) // Eliza

Full standings can be viewed at

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