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Tattakai Holland: Pushed to the limit, Kaneandtrench continues his undefeated streak of dominance

It wasn’t an easy ride, but UK’s top player still came out with the W.

REV Major Philippines wasn’t the only Tekken World Tour tournament taking place this past weekend. There was also one in Europe, a challenger event called Tattakai Holland in Amsterdam. With 160 players on the ticket, notable competitors were current Tekken 7 UK champion Kaneandtrench, KingJae, CKrizzle, Rookang, Adnanish, Sephiblack, Asim, and The Phantom.

District G’s Kaneandtrench, a powerful Yoshimitsu player (and a great commentator as well, as you’ll learn in the video below), has yet to lose a tournament since the ESL UK Tekken 7 Championship series earlier this year. He continued the trend, winning this tournament as well. He did face some worthy opponents though.

Sephiblack, a strong Jin player, took him to the max in Winner’s Finals, but Kane would win the set 3-2, entering the grand finals.

In grand finals against Malekith, who used Paul and Asuka (very strong with her), the bracket would be reset with a score of 3-2. Kaneandtrench would prevail 3-1 in the end, winning the tournament and gaining points toward the leaderboard for the Tekken World Tour.

Watch Tattakai Holland

Final Results

1st place: District G|Kaneandtrench
2nd place: Malekith
3rd place: Sephiblack
4th place: Bati
5th place: Bob
5th place: Hassaldo
7th place: Blackbeard (Adnanish)
7th place: DelCharmore
9th place: Nure-jin
9th place: Pagani
9th place: Kyoko Manjii
T9th place: Tenshimitsu
13th place: Tsubasa
13th place: Art of Ace
13th place: District G|CKrizzle
13th place: District G|KingJae

View the full bracket at

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