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JDCR wins Thaiger Uppercut 2017: Watch finals with Nobi, Saint, Book, Arenz, KuroKuro, Tanukana, Jadey

A heavy hitting Tekken World Tour tournament in Bangkok, Thailand.

Thaiger Uppercut 2017 takes place in Bangkok, Thailand at the Pantip Esport Arena on July 1st-2nd and is a Tekken World Tour Challenger event. Challenger events are open bracket tournaments that allow players to earn ranking points against local competition. They must be from that event’s region to earn points on the regional leaderboard.

Obviously, the tournament features Tekken 7 its premiere game, but also has Street Fighter V, Injustice 2, King of Fighters, Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 and more.

With 128 entrants, notable players competing are JDCR (KOR), Saint (KOR), Tanukana (JPN), Yuu (JPN), Nobi (JPN), Kurokuro (JPN), Pekos (JPN), Arenz (Malaysia), Meat (Indonesia), Book (Thailand).

Brackets are being hosted on Challonge:

The stream will be hosted in two locations on Twitch:

Final Results

1st: Echo Fox | JDCR
2nd: YAMASA | Nobi
3rd: Echo Fox | Saint
4th: UDG | Book
5th: Armageddon FV | Arenz
5th: KuroKuro
7th: CYCLOPS | Tanukana
7th: Jadey
9th: :[
9th: YAMASA | Yuu
9th: GetNews |pekos
9th: UDG | Miniball
13th: GSgemini
13th: Silom Soi 2
13th: ISADA
13th: Armageddon FV | Meat

Video Archive

TGU Grand Finals: Echo Fox | JDCR vs YAMASA | Nobi

TGU Top 8

Pools can be viewed here:

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