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TekkenBot Frame Data Overlay for PC provides in-game frame data

A revolutionary program for getting Tekken 7 frame data.

UPDATE 7/7/17 6:21PM EDT: Frame Data Overlay version 0.3.0 now available.

  • Updated to work with July 5th Steam Patch (Patch 3)
  • UI tweaks
  • Frame data should now display correctly for 0 damage moves

UPDATE 7/2/17 7:30pm EDT: Frame Data Overlay version 0.2.0 now available.

  • Changed detection and display of multi-hitting moves. They will now show correctly, however as a result now during a string, whiff information will display in between hits. So don’t freakout, okay.
  • UI Tweaks
  • Akuma and Eliza now show reasonable, live values for most of their jumping attacks.

Version 1.1 included the following:

  • UI tweaks
  • TekkenData/frame_data_overlay.config now has a draggable window property for people who want to play fullscreen with the window on another monitor and and a transparency property to improve performance for people experiencing frame drops on Windows 7.

UPDATE 6/30/17 8:51am EDT: Frame Data Overlay version 0.0.4 now available.

  • Fixed an issue with moves that caused the wrong frame data to display for moves whose recovery changed after active frames expired including Eliza’s d/f 2,3, Eliza’s 3+4, and Law’s SS 3+4
  • Law’s UF 4 is still displaying wrong (actually it’s right, it’s just instead of recovering into a state where he can do things, he recovers into another recovery move)

Original Story

A new program called TekkenBot Frame Data Overlay acts as a standalone launcher that will find your running version of Tekken7.exe and add overlay frame data of you and your opponents last moves. It also provides the frame advantage, hit type, startup, and the number of active frames. Click the thumbnail below.

You have to set your graphics settings to windowed or borderless mode though, as the overlay doesn’t work in fullscreen (since technically it’s a transparent window).

Please note: the program is still in it’s very early stages and untested. 

Also, here is additional input from the community. Josh Chen of Kor’s Tekken Academy says of the program, “The preliminary test shows that the program does not show the range of frame differences. i.e. it does not take impact window into account. This means if an attack is hit late, it will always show the worst possible frame on block/hit/CH. Additionally, attacks with very close impact windows may mash together and give out false data. This is based on our current evaluation (and still on-going).”

Still, this is great to see as a work in progress, and hopefully things improve from here.

Download it here | Reddit Thread

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