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Watch AfreecaTV Tekken League 2017 Finals with GoAttack, Knee, LowHigh & Qudans on June 16th

It all comes down to this! AfreecaTV and NiceGameTV’s newest fighting game esports series, the Afreeca TEKKEN League 2017 (‘ATL’), enters the finals with four of Korea’s best Tekken 7: Fated Retribution players! The finals start Friday June 16 at 10PM PDT.

Finally, the four players to participate in the ATL finals have been chosen from the round of 8! From group A, GoAttack dominated the winners bracket with strong control of his Master Raven, putting the long time Devil Jin veteran, Qudans into losers. Qudans but was able to save his tournament life to make it out in the losers side defeating MulGold. Group B had arguably the strongest pool with each player having multiple tournament wins under their belt. Previous Evo Champion, Knee, one of the favorites to in ATL, was knocked out into losers by the young LowHigh but fought his way out against HAO and Jeondding to advance to the finals.

The best of the best battle it out for a ₩6 Million KRW ($5,300 USD) prize pool. The finals will be a four-man double elimination bracket with Match 1 featuring GoAttack vs Knee, and Match 2 with LowHigh vs Qudans. The ATL Finals takes place Friday, June 16th at 10pm PDT on AfreecaTV.

Watch the AfreecaTV TEKKEN League 2017 Live at (Global Stream).

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