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Tekken 3 World Record holder clears Tekken 7’s Special Chapter with a PERFECT on 10 stars

Shirdel does the impossible by making it even more impossible!

[UPDATE 10:06pm EST] Someone else has completed it too! See it below.

Original Story

After completing Tekken 7’s Story Mode you unlock a Special Chapter where you fight Akuma. This Special Chapter can be set to a very high difficulty, which is 10-stars, making Akuma nearly impossible to beat. A few have though. But, what about completing it flawlessly? Yes, meaning a PERFECT – not taking any damage.

Let me introduce you to Charles “Shirdel” Middlemiss from Southern England. He just did that!

This isn’t the only major feat Shirdel has accomplished. He is the current World Record holder for speedrunning in Tekken 3. Yes, that is a thing. So as you can imagine, he likes to find unique ways to approach games, finding paths to perfection and solving problems others seem to find difficult. In other words, he loves a challenge.

We interviewed Shirdel back in August of last year. Check it out.

Well done, mate! You should get some kind of prize!

Another One!

Looks like someone else has done the same, but it a much more combative fashion!

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