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Twitch and T-Mobile bringing Esports Arena to E3 with Tekken 7, Street Fighter V, and Injustice 2

Tekken 7 will be featured at E3 2017 in a major esports way.

Huge electronics and gaming expo E3 2017 is coming up June 13-15 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, and Tekken 7 will be present. Twitch and T-Mobile have partnered together to bring an Esports Arena that will feature three fighting games this year – those being Tekken 7, Street Fighter and Injustice 2.

This is a free 3-day event that is open to the public and located at LA Live. Tournaments will feature professional players competing in a different game and player match-up each day.

For those unable to attend, all of the action will be streamed over on Twitch eSports.

Below is the schedule for the Twitch eSports Arena tournaments.

  • Tuesday, June 13 – Street Fighter V | 12pm-8pm PDT
  • Wednesday, June 14 – Tekken 7 | 12pm-8pm PDT
  • Thursday, June 15 – Injustice 2 | 12pm-8pm PDT

Players invited and participating are Bronson, Anakin, P. Ling, Brawlpro, Speedkicks, Kodee, SpeeoGin, and one other.

“​E3 is traditionally the time of year when the world at large tunes in to see what’s happening in the world of games,” Twitch’s vice president and commercial director for esports, Kristen Salvatore told AListDaily. “While we know that esports has had a significant place in that world for years, a true esports experience hasn’t been significantly represented at E3 in the past. We’re changing that in one enormous go with a major multi-day event that’s front and center at L.A. Live.”

Previously exclusive to members of the press and the video game industry, this year makes the first time that E3 will be open to the general public. Twitch Esports Arena hopes to entertain the many thousands consumers that are headed to the biggest gaming event of the year.

T-Mobile customers who visit the Twitch Esports Arena can get access to an exclusive, VIP seating area. All audience members regardless of seating can vote for who they think should be MVP for each tournament. Voting will take place across Twitter and in Twitch chat during the live broadcast. Audience members will vote by using the hashtag #TMobileMVP and the gamer tag of who they’d like to nominate.

“Street Fighter V, Tekken 7 and Injustice 2 all deliver in a big way on the action that makes an esport s event so incredibly exciting – and so fun to attend,” Salvatore explained. “Capcom, Bandai Namco, and Warner Bros. are all valued Twitch partners, and we’re proud to support these linchpin FGC titles, whose leagues are exclusively broadcast on Twitch.”

Esports will be a major focus at E3 this year, with an official Esports Zone on the show floor sponsored by ESL. Nintendo is hosting its first Switch tournaments with pre-invited teams set to compete in Splatoon 2 and ARMS. Players hailing from Europe, USA, Japan, and Australia/New Zealand will compete live from Nintendo’s booth across June 13 and 14.

Source: AlistDaily, Eventhubs

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