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Pro USA Tekken veteran Anakin signs with new live-streaming platform Stream.Me

Anakin secures a sponsor just in time for the Tekken World Tour.

Photo by: Robert Paul / @tempusrob

Gaming broadcast platform Stream.Me announced on their website today that they have signed pro USA Tekken veteran Hoa ‘Anakin’ Luu to a sponsorship agreement, making him a brand ambassador for the live-streaming platform. Luu has won multiple titles at tournaments including CEO, Combo Breaker and MLG Dallas among others.

The distinguished Tekken and Tekken Tag Tournament competitor will represent Stream.Me at all the major fighting game tournaments for the 2017-2018 season, including Final Round 20, CEO, and EVO.

“Joining Stream.Me’s efforts to revolutionize the broadcasting community as their brand ambassador is an incredible opportunity,” said Hoa Luu. “I’m looking forward to sharing Stream.Me’s platform with my followers and the fighting game community at large as I compete this season.”

Anakin and his former team Circa eSports amicably parted ways last month, as it was the end of his 12-month contract. Some suspected that by leaving Circa he would be joining his friends JDCR and Saint over at Echo Fox.

Luu is the latest player to partner with Stream.Me, as the organization continues to sign world-class talent, having previously signed three-time EVO champion Carl “Perfect Legend” White to its esports roster in March.

Stream.Me not only gives viewers unmatched control over their user experience, offering viewers the ability to simultaneously watch multiple players on a single channel while blending audio and chatrooms from several sources, but is among the friendliest live-streaming sites for up-and-coming professional streamers looking for easy access to a subscription program.

Both players will be at CEO in Orlando, FL June 16-18 and this will server as Luu’s first official debut under this imprint. This is perfect timing as well, as it is the initial event to kick off the Tekken World Tour. Ideally this should allow Anakin to travel to virtually all US events for the tour.

We don’t know the details of the contract, but one would assume that since Anakin is signed with a Stream.Me (a competitor of Twitch), he may no longer be streaming on Twitch, but exclusively on Stream.Me. If that is the case, this proves as just one of the many benefits they have for signing a popular Tekken figurehead like Anakin. It will help them increase their viewership and introduce people their brand and service. PerfectLegend already streams exclusively on the platform, as well as Anakin’s former team, as they are partners with them as well.

Anakin recently tweeted that he can’t play Tekken and stream, so may soon  find out.

About Stream.Me

Stream.Me is a broadcasting platform based in Austin, TX that empowers viewers and streamers alike with the most advanced broadcasting technology. With up to 4K HD video running at 60 FPS and highly-customizable built-in features, like multi-stream and multi-chat, Stream.Me is bringing a new look to the traditional streaming experience.

This is a great move for both parties and we look forward to what the future holds.

Learn more about Stream.Me by visiting their website. Also, keep up with Anakin on his Twitter.

Source: StreamMe

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