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ESL Tekken 7 UK Championship crowns a King of the Iron Fist

An undefeated Kaneandtrench wins the Tekken 7 UK Championship!

Photo by: ESL UK

ESL Tekken 7 UK Championship crowns a King of the Iron Fist

Over the past six weeks Bandai Namco has traveled across the UK and the Republic of Ireland for the ESL Tekken 7 UK Championship. The “Tekken Tour” took place over six qualifier events throughout April and May in Scotland, Dublin, Manchester, Birmingham, and London. The sixth and final event was the Championship finals which took place at London Comic Con on Friday, May 26th.

Players from all around the UK and Ireland came together and battled it out to be crowned the King of Iron Fist Tournament. With over 100 people in attendance at each event it wasn’t going to be easy. After an eventful and emotional six weeks, 15 finalists proved themselves to be the best in the UK and made it through to the finals.

In no particular order, they were:

  1. RTFM | Kaneandtrench
  2. The Truth
  3. W3D | DJay_Voo
  4. CKT | Fergus
  5. District G | The Phantom
  6. MBA | Ex-Soldier
  7. CKT | ElementalDeity
  8. RTFM | Roo Kang
  9. RTFM | Asim
  10. CKT | SpaghettiRip
  11. CKT | NeedsMoarCoffee
  12. ED | KNX
  13. BonusJin
  14. AmouageKing
  15. Dinosaur
  16. Nino (wildcard)

The Finals at Comic Con London stayed true to form and gave viewers an impressive display of exciting and intense games. From insane comebacks, to perfect rounds, to Double K.O’s, this tournament had it all… we even had Kuma!

One player who has stood out over the past year has been Kane ‘Kaneandtrench’ Heartfield with his almost unbeatable Yoshimitsu. Last year Kane won the UK King of Iron Fist Tournament qualifier which sent him flying to Japan to play in the global finals, so he’ll been on people’s radar for some time now as the one to beat. Kane was also undefeated in every 2017 championship qualifier he entered, so he was definitely a favorite to win from the start.

During the finals at London Comic Con, Kaneandtrench sailed through the first 3 rounds defeating Nino, Asim, and The Phantom with 2-0 sets. In fact, the only one player that really gave Kane a run for his money was Fergus McGee of team Cool Kids Table.

Fergus, who won the Dublin Championship qualifier, put on an impressive display with Asuka and had no problem winning his first 3 rounds against KNX, The Truth, and Dinosaur. In the Finals  yesterday, Kaneandtrench and Fergus would first meet in the winners semifinal, which ended 3-2 to Kane (the only game Kane didn’t win flawlessly up to this point).

Fergus was knocked down into the losers bracket where he came up against teammate SpaghettiRip in losers finals. Fergus won this and was made it back up to grand finals where he would face Kaneandtrench once again.

Both RTFM|Kaneandtrench and CKT|Fergus played exceptionally well, and you’ll know if you watched them in the grand finals that it really was anyone’s game. Fergus reset the bracket, and battled Kane right down to the wire with some jaw-dropping moments from both; by this point either player would’ve been a worthy winner. However, Kane pulled through, yet again proving he is the undefeated UK King of Iron Fist Tournament champion.

Final Results

Champion: RTFM | Kaneandtrench
2nd Place: CKT|Fergus
3rd Place: CKT | SpaghettiRip
4th Place: District G | The Phantom
5th Place: Dinosaur
5th Place: The Truth
7th Place: BonusJin
7th Place: CKT | NeedsMoarCoffee
9th Place: MBA | Ex-Soldier
9th Place: RTFM | Asim
9th Place: RTFM | Roo Kang
9th Place: W3D | DJay_Voo
13 Place: AmouageKing
13 Place: CKT | ElementalDeity
13 Place: ED| KNX
13 Place: Nino (wildcard)

Kane and all these players in the UK will be ones to watch, especially with the newly announced Tekken World Tour with a staggering $200,000 prize. Will Kane remain the undefeated champ, or will the release of Tekken 7 introduce a new champion in the making? Kaneandtrench is unstoppable at the moment, but with Tekken anything is possible!

The Tekken 7 UK Championship was nothing short of a huge success. Not only did Bandai Namco UK do a great job of showcasing Tekken 7 and fantastic talent from local players, they also helped create excitement among the UK Tekken/fighting game scene. The championship has been a truly enjoyable attend and watch, proving that Tekken 7 definitely has what it takes to dominate esports.

Photos by ESL UK.

Tekken 7 UK Championship Finals

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