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NorCal Regionals 2017 results and video feat. Bronson Tran, PLing, Poongko, Rip, Rickstah

Watch the Tekken 7 tournament form NorCal’s premiere fighting game event.

Fighting game tournament NorCal Regionals began Friday, April 14th in Sacramento, CA, and while a Tekken 7 tournament is on the schedule, it was not set to begin until today Saturday, April 15th through Sunday, April 16th.

Final Results

1st Place: Eightarc, 10/0|Bronson Tran (Claudio, King)
2nd Place: ITS|PLing (Ling Xiaoyu)
3rd Place: EF|Poongko (Akuma)
4th Place: Reepal “Rip” Parbhoo (Marshall Law)
5th Place: Slaying Unicorn (Jin)
5th Place: Ayvie
7th Place: Bank (Lars)
7th Place: Rickstah (Akuma)

View Top 4 bracket

Pools & Brackets

Notable players at NCR are PLing, Tasty Steve, Bronson, Rickstah, Poongko, and Rip.

The pools and brackets are being hosted at Challonge. Pool 1 | Pool 2

NCR 2017 Top 4

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