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Hypespotting 6 results and video feat. Kaneandtrench, King Jae, Roo Kang, The Truth, DJay_Voo

The first stop of the ESL UK Tekken 7 Championship Series kicks off this weekend.

The very first tournament of the ESL UK Tekken 7 Championship Series launches this weekend at Hypespotting 6, Saturday, April 15th through Sunday, April 16th in Glasgow, Scotland. The championship series will feature five stops around the UK, culminating in with a Grand Finals hosted at the ESL Arena at MCM Comic Con London at the end of May. The top three from each of the qualifying tournaments will secure their place in the finals, with the opportunity to then win the Tekken 7 UK Championship belt.

This will be the very first Tekken 7 tournament that will feature Eddy, Kuma and Panda. This should also mean it will be the first tournament to have gameplay on stages Arena, Geometric Plane, Kinder Gym, and Infinite Azure. We should also see the Violet Systems stage for the first time. Let’s hope these are all played!

Final Results

1st Place: RTFM|Kaneandtrench*
2nd Place: The Truth*
3rd Place: W3D|DJay_Voo*
4th Place: C-Krizzle
5th Place: CKT|NeedsMoarCoffee
5th Place: District G|King Jae
7th Place: MBA|LordDarkDan
7th Place: RTFM|Roo Kang

*Top 3 qualify for the ESL UK Championship in May.

Pools & Brackets

With 128 entrants ready for the next battle, many of the UK’s best Tekken players have made their way to Hypespotting 6. The brackets include the likes of RTFM|Kaneandtrench, District G|King Jae, RTFM|Roo Kang, CKT|Fergus, Ryan Hart (Prodigal Son), MBA|Equinox, A Foxy Grampa and more.

The pools and brackets are being hosted at

Archived Video

There were streaming issues at times, so there is more than one video. They are in order of occurrence.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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