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Northwest Majors IX & Wizard World STL results & video; PLing & Speedkicks dominate

Two tournaments took place this weekend. Here are the results.

Tekken 7 tournaments are taking place at Northwest Majors IX and Wizard World St. Louis this weekend. The events began yesterday, but Tekken 7 is featured today at NWM and today and tomorrow at Wizard World STL.

Final results and video for both tournaments are below.

Northwest Majors IX – Final Results

1st Place: ITS|PLing
2nd Place: Kongojack
3rd Place: Geesemaster
4th Place: ITS|Kenji
5th Place: ITS|JustFrameJames
5th Place: ITS|Weapon X
7th Place: Psylence
7th Place: 20z|JustFrameSonken
9th Place: RRD|Hattoriisonic
9th Place: EddieBoyMang
9th Place: Super Joe
9th Place: Where are the Capos
13th Place: 13th Warrior
13th Place: ITS|Kawaii
13th Place: Monstsoso
13th Place: Jermanji

To see full tournament results click here

Wizard World St. Louis – Final Results

1st Place: HZRD|Speedkicks
2nd Place: ITS|Joey Fury
3rd Place: ITS|Spero Gin
4th Place: Reepal “Rip” Parbhoo
5th Place: Jon_Hammer
5th Place: Brawlpro
7th Place: Rick Tha Rular
7th Place: TFA|Jody The Great
9th Place: 20z|Glaze
9th Place: DatboiSTL
9th Place: ITS|WayGamble
9th Place: KingElijah
13th Place: LJD12
13th Place: SlySniperWolf
13th Place: Slayer the Nightmare
13th Place: FallenMantis

To see full tournament results click here

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