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London Tournament honors Tekken Tag Tournament 2 in build-up to Tekken 7 release

Some of the UK’s best Tekken players gather to bid Tekken Tag Tournament 2 a proper farewell.

Tournament hosts and eSports collective District-G gathered together some of the UK’s finest competitive gamers to battle it out in their Tekken Closing Party in an ode to Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Hyped gamers from all corners of the country paid their respects to the loyal title in an 8-hour long grudge match, establishing places and cash prizes for familiar seeded players and up-coming talent.

District G Co-Founder, Joe Nwasokwa commented:

It was amazing to see so many new and old faces on the Tekken scene and the sense of community on the day was strong, that’s what our brand is all about. There is some huge talent among our Pro-league and building their profiles alongside the UK’s competitive console scene, is at the heart of District-G’s 2017 strategy. We have now got our sights firmly set on the launch of Tekken 7.

Around 50 players had the chance to win a collective prize pool of £800 ($988.48 USD), sponsored by gamer analytics company Gamestatix in a multi-knockout round style competition with a South London backdrop.

Professional gamer Justin Nelson, aka King Jae said:

It was a great edition to the Tekken circuit, really looking forward to see what’s to come next from District-G.

Competition finalists included London’s Asim, Starscream and Kane & Trench, but the pro-league title was finally snatched by the Phantom after an intense final match.

Phantom on his win said:

I was quietly confident about placing, but there was some real heavyweights there, so I am delighted to of come out on top – bring on Tekken 7!

For more information about District G and there crusade to develop and support the UK competitive console community and footage of the day and battles, please get in touch with them through their official websiteTwitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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