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Part 1: Guest characters I would like to see in Tekken 7

TekkenGamer writers share guest characters they’d like to see in Tekken 7.

Recently Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada opened to more guest characters to be featured in Tekken 7. The roster will be extended by some DLCs, as we know, but these supplements may focus on strangers rather than major names of older Tekken games. The first one is rumored to be Geese Howard (from Fatal Fury and The King of Fighters, two masterpieces made by SNK, while talking about 2D fighting games) and he could fit very well into Tekken thanks to his fighting close range approach, based on counter-baits and throws, ideal for punishing a relentless attack strategy.

The idea of merging different brands of fighting games is becoming more common in the industry even outside cross-over games, as Dead Or Alive 5 proved. Bandai Namco is not new to this (as fans could recall Gon the dinosaur, or Soul Calibur with Spawn, Ezio Auditore, Darth Vader and many others), but actually Tekken could become even more packed with fighters coming from competitor titles and a lot of people are wondering about creative royal rumbles.

So let’s talk about some names that could be interesting to see inside Tekken. The following reflects just my opinion, but in upcoming weeks other TekkenGamer staff will share whom they’d like to see.

1. Lion Rafale – Virtua Fighter

Virtua Fighter is the main rival of Tekken for the throne of 3D fighting games, so it’s quite appropriate to pick someone from Sega’s franchise. While Akira Yuki could be the most obvious choice because he’s the main character, the french fighter Lion offers a very intriguing style. The Tourou-ken, known also as Northern Praying Mantis, mimics the movements of the insect to create a strange but elegant and letal Kung-Fu. A good player of Lion can perform attacks featuring swift moves, tactical pokes and frequent changes between high and low hits, making the match-up unpredictable, various and always fresh. Lion is a young boy, member of one the richest families in France, fighting as a rebellion against the restrictions that his father puts over him. His background makes him perfect to be an old friend of Lili De Rochefort but a new acquaintance of Asuka Kazama too, thanks to his wild behavior.

2. Kyo Kusanagi – The King of Fighters

The protagonist of The King of Fighters could be a good entry. His moveset has changed radically for some years, shifting from the classic fireball and anti-air technics, towards a close-combat setup. By choosing Kyo the developers can draw from a wide selection of special moves, making his appearance more flexible and avoiding the risk of reproducing a fighting style that could be overpowered or wrong when translated into Tekken’s gameplay. Kyo can be whatever you want and still be iconic and representing his famous traits.

During the KOF storyline Kyo fought the NEST cartel that was dedicated to conquer the world by creating armies of science-powered fighters, so he could stand against the Mishima Zaibatsu to stop some weird experimentation ordered by Heihachi. He also defeated Orochi, an entity bearer of the Apocalypse that shares something with Unknown/Jun or Devil Kazuya. Maybe Claudio and his group could need a hand from someone experienced in fighting supernatural guys.

3. Cody Travers – Final Fight / Street Fighter

Cody was the hero of Final Fight until he got jailed after turning into a vicious brawler. Now he’s a fugitive looking only for a good fight to satisfy his hunger of violence. His fighting style comes from the streets, but the rough ones filled with punks with broken bottles. He hits strong and doesn’t resort to martial arts, favoring raw force instead. The quirky gimmick is that he still wears the handcuffs, so he’s forced to fight without athletic maneuvers in a very simple and dirty way, featuring even knifes when useful. He could be the direct opposite to Yoshimitsu by crossing blades with someone with more honor than him. The good old clash between the samurai and the thug, indeed a stereotype but sometimes it still works. Anyway, Cody doesn’t need a good reason to pick a fight, he just want to beat someone strong to feel less bored, so everybody could be the right opponent. In the end, maybe even a hothead like Paul is suitable too to become his rival.

Who would you like to see in Tekken? Post your preferences in  the forum of TekkenGamer or in the comment section below and tell us your list and the reasons behind the choice. We’re really curious to hear the voice of the community.

I'm a long time Tekken Player from Italy.


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