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Why Final Round 20 was a big deal for Tekken 7

Signs at Final Round 20 revealed that America is getting stronger.

ITS Joey Fury defeats Echo Fox Saint, sending him to the losers bracket

Now that all the hype from Final Round 20 is fizzling down, it’s time to analyze why the Final Round 20’s Tekken 7 tournament was a big deal.

A Predominantly American Top 8

Tekken 7 isn’t nationally available in America. There are exactly 15 places in the US where one can play on a Tekken 7 arcade cabinet. In short, outside of tournaments there are very few places to actually practice. This has been a point of concern for some fans as they felt a lack of Tekken 7 cabinets in the US would make the US weak to South Korean and Japanese players.Despite this, two Americans eliminated Echo Fox | Saint from tournament, put Echo Fox| JDCR in losers and eliminated Cyclops | Tanukana. Players everyone pegged would dominate this tournament were actually run through a gauntlet of strong American players. Even grand finals had HZRDGaming| Speedkicks facing off against Echo Fox| JDCR.

If anything, Final Round 20 was a strong indicator that a lack of Tekken 7 in the US has not stopped Americans from getting strong and actually giving International players a fight.

Female Players in Top 32

With all the fuss about eSports being devoid of female players, it was quite the treat to see female players come out to Final Round 20 and play. The cool thing is they didn’t just play casuals, they participated in the tournament and got pretty far.

ITS| Cuddlecore was close to making it out in top 8 losers before being knocked out by ITS| PLing after being knocked into losers by Circa| Anakin. Even Cyclops | Tanukana was close to nabbing top 8 in losers before being eliminated by ITS| JackieTran.

This was a very positive image of not only Tekken 7 but the FGC as whole because not only were these women treated with the utmost respect, but they were also treated as competitors. It shows that we as a community are challenging that label of being male dominated and toxic to women.

Echo Fox | Saint Eliminated Before Top 8

Now I know this kinda goes into the predominantly American Top 8, but this moment had to be the most hype of the entire tournament. Saint has been pretty dominant up until Collision 2017 in Peru. I mean the guy won EVO 2016 and the King of Iron Fist Tournament with a low tier character. In addition to his strength, Saint has had a history of being knocked into losers but making his way into top 8 anyway, which is why his elimination from the tournament prior to top 8 was such a big deal.

ITS| Spero Gin shut Saint down, eliminating him from the tournament 2 – 0 before he could even make top 8. Spero knew the match up pretty well and played one of the best Paul’s in the entire tournament. While he didn’t win the tournament, Spero Gin gave American players hope by eliminating such a Tekken titan so easily.

In short, Final Round 20 was a big deal for Tekken 7 this year. It has successfully reinvigorated the anticipation of so many fans. If this is what Final Round 20 was going to be like for Tekken 7, I can’t wait until EVO 2017.

Hi! The name is Kassiopia, but you can call me Kassi or Kass for short. I played Tekken 2 for the first time when I was in the 4th grade. While I play other fighting games, Tekken has always been the only game that I'll play for 12 hours and wonder where the day went. I've gotten better about it though. Adulting will do that to you.


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