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Poongko shuts the door on America again at Canada Cup 2016 – Final results & video

Tekken 7 at Canada Cup just to a close and the results were the same as SoCal Regionals. No American qualified for Tekken 7 North America Finals next month. Why? Poongko of Korea showed up again with his Akuma. Because of this, there are now 10 qualifying spots for the last chance qualifiers on November 8 in San Francisco.

The Top 8 was somewhat competitive. The best matches were surely those that involved Aris using Dragunov. His game has improved significantly over the course of the Tekken Tour. Grand Finals between Aris and Poongko looked to be a great match, as Aris seemed to know how to deal with Poongko’s Akuma. But slowly but surely Poongko started to chip away at Aris, and honestly displayed some very good defense. He finished Aris off 3-0.

Final Results and Video

Here’s the Top 8 and footage for your viewing pleasure.

1st: Secret|Poongko
2nd: Aris
3rd: Joey Fury
4th: oNi_JiN
5th: RenoFace
5th: IronBrian
7th: Tasty Steve
7th: NeoRussell

Header image: Tekken

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