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Philippine Tekken 7 Qualifier at ESGS / BrawlFest 2016 – Results and Video

UPDATE (10/29/16 @ 12:03PM EDT): Alexandre Laverez, also known as AK of team Playbook (PBE) won this Brawlfest 2016 and now qualifies for King of the Iron Fist Tournament 2016 in Japan this December, representing the Philippines. Congrats AK! The grand finals was between PBE|AK  (W) and PBE|Doujin (L). Doujin did reset the bracket, and things came down to a very final match. You can watch the Top 8 below.


It’s the season for King of the Iron Fist qualifiers around the world these days. In the Philippines right now Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit 2016 (ESGS) is taking place and at the event is Brawlfest 2016, which is also the Tekken 7 qualifier for the Philippines. No stranger to the world stage is Alexandre “AK” Laverez, who participated in the global Championship back in 2013 at the age of 12. He’s a teenager now and has more than likely upgraded his game significantly. We’re eager to see how he performs. Also there is streaming legend Victor “Sp00ky” Fontanez.

The winner of this tournament will qualify for the Tekken 7 King of the Iron Fist Tournament (World Finals) in Japan in December, facing out fierce competitors from around the world.

The tournament is using T7FR Ver. D as well, which includes Bob and Master Raven. We believe this is the first qualifier with this particular version so far.

The action is taking place as we speak, so here are the video feeds and stream schedules.

Streams are provided by Playbook_Ph (Friday) and BrawlfestOfficial. Brackets and pools can be viewed on Challonge.


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