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Tekken Tej Tournament 2016: Day 1 & Day 2 Results and Video

Tekken Tej Tournament 2016 Day 1 with Tekken Tag Tournament 2 did not disappoint. There were many good players, hype matches, and high-level games. Farm2Play|Devil pretty much man-handled the competition. He looked to be on another level, ending most matches 3-0. Devil is also the first out of Europe this year to qualify for the 2016 King of the Iron Fist Tournament Global Finals in Japan this December.

Grand Finals was very interesting, as Devil and his brother (literal brother) squared off. Both were superior during the tournament, but Devil appears to be his brothers kryptonite. He finished him off 3-0 as well.

Day 1: TTT2 Final Results

Here are the full results and the video below.

1st: F2P | Devil
2nd: F2P | MATT-JF
3rd: CKT | Baxi
4th: Caradolph
5th: CKT | Fergus
5th: Nevan
7th: Gajda
7th: CKT | Spaghettirip

Full results:

Day 2: Tekken 7 Final Results

On Day 2 of Tekken Tej Tournament the Top 16 from Day 1 in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 competed in Tekken 7. Again, the Farm 2 Play brothers put on a great showing, but it wasn’t enough this time around. Matt-JF made it to the grand finals, but with very little Tekken 7 experience, he was not prepared for the Katarina matchup from CKT|SpaghettiRip.

Here are the full results and the video below.

1st: CKT | Spaghettirip
2nd: F2P | MATT-JF
3rd: Caradolph
4th: CKT | Fergus
5th: CKT | Baxi
5th: CKT | Rain
7th: CKT | Nemouik
7th: Mace

Full results:

Header photo: Tekken

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