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MarkMan explains how last chance qualifiers will work for NA KOIFT Finals

While doing on-stream commentary for Tekken 7: Fated Retribution at SoCal Regionals, Mark ‘MarkMan’ Julio, brand and community adviser for Tekken, broke down on how the last chance qualifiers (LCQ) for the North America Tekken Finals will work.

According to MarkMan, the last chance qualifiers will be a consecutive series of single-elimination tournaments, and however many LCQ spots are available are the number of tournaments that will be run that day. For example, there are currently seven (7) LCQ spots available. That means there would be seven tournaments ran that day.

Possibly the best thing about the LCQ’s are that a person can enter multiple times, no matter how many times they’ve lost. However many tournaments there are, that’s how many chances a player has to enter and win. Using the same example, even if a player were to enter all seven tournaments and lose the first six, if they win the seventh one, they qualify for the finals the next day.

There will NOT be a top 8 that qualifies for the finals. Only one person will win and advance from each tournament. Again, all of those who lost may enter any remaining LCQ tournaments until all spots are filled.

You can hear MarkMan explain it below. The video should start at 1:53:50.

It’s quite possible that fatigue could set it during the day, so it’s best to bring your A-game. There’s no telling how many people may enter, so it could make for a very long day.

The last chance qualifiers take place Tuesday, November 8th in San Francisco. The Finals are Wednesday, November 9th.

Interested in participating? You can purchase tickets here.

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