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Warsaw Games Week, SoCal Regionals, OUG Gaming this weekend (Oct 14-16) – Stream details & info

If you’re a true Tekken fan, there are a couple of very important tournaments taking place this weekend. Here’s the rundown so you can be in the know and get your “fix.”

Warsaw Games Week | October 13-16


First off, there is Warsaw Games Week October 13-16 in Poland, which is one of several European qualifiers for the 2016 King of the Iron Fist Tournament Global Finals. There will be 3 preliminary tournaments taking place on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. People will be able to sign-up until 1:30 PM each day and the preliminary tournaments will be starting at 2PM. 8 players in total (2 from Thursday, 3 from Friday and Saturday) will advance to the Sunday finals along with 8 invited top Polish players:

  • Adrian “Frizen” Szydłowski
  • Mateusz “Matt-JF” Wleklik
  • Artur “Devil” Wleklik
  • Aleksander “Nevan” Mazowiecki
  • Joanna “Tenshimitsu” Tórz
  • Adam “Gajda” Gajda
  • Michał “Szyper” Szyperski
  • Janusz “Caradolph” Mutor

One winner will qualify and be flown to the global finals in Japan in December to represent Europe. Pools will be streamed on JakubDi’s Twitch channel, and Sunday finals on Bandai Namco Europe’s channel.

Streams: | |

SoCal Regionals 2016 | October 14-16


SoCal Regionals at eSports Arena in Santa Ana, CA takes place this weekend, and is one of the most top-heavy events on the west coast each year. While there are quite a few fighting games, Tekken 7 is there and this is a Tekken Tour event – which means this is a qualifying event for the King of the Iron Fist Tournament North American Finals in November. And then whomever wins that event will be flown out to Japan in December for the 2016 global finals.

The stream for Tekken 7 is as follows (all times PDT):

  • Fri, Oct 14 | 12pm-10pm| Casual
  • Sat, Oct 15 | 10am-6pm | Pool Play
  • Sat, Oct 15 | 6pm-8pm | 16 to Top 8
  • Sun, Oct 16 | 10am-12pm | Finals

Streams: Oct 14: | Oct 15:

Full Schedule | Pools and Brackets

OUG Tournament Season 2 | October 14-15


Lastly, the next noteworthy tournament is the Omni Universal Gaming Tournament Season 2 taking place in Dubai of the United Arab Emirates. Like SCR, there are several fighting games there with Tekken Tag Tournament 2 being one of them. Yes, TTT2. Why are we telling you about this? Because the king of TTT2 himself HyuJin “JDCR” Kim (Korea) is there, along with The Main Man (Sweden) and Rookang (United Kingdom). Just JDCR being there is reason enough to tune in. Who doesn’t love to watch some high quality Tekken, even if it’s TTT2? Everyone will be aiming to knock his head off (figuratively, that is).

Streams: Oct 14: | Oct 15:

Aziz Peregrino-Brimah aka Zee the CEO | Founder / Editor-in-chief of TekkenGamer | Gaming has been a passion of Zee's since the early days of Atari and ColecoVision. His first experience with Tekken was in the early 90's, and it was Tekken 3 that sealed the deal. True story... As a teenager Zee once received his Winn-Dixie paycheck and spent it all at the arcade the same day. Needless to say, his mother wasn't pleased.


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